Monday, June 28, 2010

Mirza-Sahiba vs Chamkila

Tere veeraan di aisi taisi, tu 1 vaar yaar nu keh sahi
Tere veeraan di aisi taisi, tu 1 vaar yaar nu keh sahi
Theekha kita paiya gandaasa, hun taa houga eko paasa
Theekha kita paiya gandaasa, hun taa houga eko paasa 
O saale bhootni de
O panga paan nu firde ne landar bhootni de, 
O panga paan nu firde ne landar bhootni de,

yaaron, eh lines koi genious hi likh sakda hai. Haanji, Chamkila ne Aaj Raj ke pee liye Daaru vala gaana mukaande eh kahiya c.

Now, I will recap on what happened regarding Mirza-Sahiba. Mirza was resting under the shade of the tree waiting for the love of his life, Sahiba. Sahiba knowing well that Mirza being an expert archer would kill all her brothers, so she breaks all his arrows. Mirza is rendered defenseless, the brothers kill him. End of one of the most classic love stories Punjab has ever known. Sahiba being a girl trusted her brothers, so she kills herself with a dagger.
                                             Ki Khatiya ve meri Heer banke?

Chamkila was always a troubled genius, but he was a genius at his best. Through his music he has won many loyal hearts, including mine. But the majority of the Junta despises his music. But can you see the guts of this individual?
Chamkila was not born a Jat, but he had the makings of the complete Jat. I completely agree with these lines. Had I been the Mirza I would have killed all the brothers and my Sahiba wouldn't have to die.

The reason I have written this blog is that even in this age, I see the girls, they still are dumb. So if you have girlfriends who have real brothers be on your guards. Open your eyes, Pull up your socks and if the brothers point their finger at you, just sing the above. You soul-mates will be at peace, Chamkila will be content in Heaven.
And I would be more than happy realizing that this blog was not posted in vain.


  1. someone liked it, but never commented on this. Why so?
    i guess because the society as a whole does not approve of Chamkila so it is safe not to comment.

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