Monday, June 28, 2010

Mirza-Sahiba vs Chamkila

Tere veeraan di aisi taisi, tu 1 vaar yaar nu keh sahi
Tere veeraan di aisi taisi, tu 1 vaar yaar nu keh sahi
Theekha kita paiya gandaasa, hun taa houga eko paasa
Theekha kita paiya gandaasa, hun taa houga eko paasa 
O saale bhootni de
O panga paan nu firde ne landar bhootni de, 
O panga paan nu firde ne landar bhootni de,

yaaron, eh lines koi genious hi likh sakda hai. Haanji, Chamkila ne Aaj Raj ke pee liye Daaru vala gaana mukaande eh kahiya c.

Now, I will recap on what happened regarding Mirza-Sahiba. Mirza was resting under the shade of the tree waiting for the love of his life, Sahiba. Sahiba knowing well that Mirza being an expert archer would kill all her brothers, so she breaks all his arrows. Mirza is rendered defenseless, the brothers kill him. End of one of the most classic love stories Punjab has ever known. Sahiba being a girl trusted her brothers, so she kills herself with a dagger.
                                             Ki Khatiya ve meri Heer banke?

Chamkila was always a troubled genius, but he was a genius at his best. Through his music he has won many loyal hearts, including mine. But the majority of the Junta despises his music. But can you see the guts of this individual?
Chamkila was not born a Jat, but he had the makings of the complete Jat. I completely agree with these lines. Had I been the Mirza I would have killed all the brothers and my Sahiba wouldn't have to die.

The reason I have written this blog is that even in this age, I see the girls, they still are dumb. So if you have girlfriends who have real brothers be on your guards. Open your eyes, Pull up your socks and if the brothers point their finger at you, just sing the above. You soul-mates will be at peace, Chamkila will be content in Heaven.
And I would be more than happy realizing that this blog was not posted in vain.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Raavan: Music has me head over heels

Well, I have just begun writing and I have started on a bad note. I mistimed my previous blog on Raavan. I have studied Statistics and I should not be biased while reviewing or analyzing something. But Beera as a character has my mind boggled all over.

Look now, I my reviewing both music and the movie together at the same time. And I am not gonna reveal anything from the story. So you can keep the suspense still in your pockets. BEERA BEERA BEERA

Beera ke das maathe, 100 naam, chede joh, Dhama Dham Dham Dham. Sabaas, Sabaas,, itna bhayaankar gaana.. Par A.R. Rahman. Boss, kya keh sakte hai aapka?? Slumdog ke Jai Ho ke baad yeh gaana itna pasand aya ki aisa laga ki jaadu sa kar diya aapne. Beera aisa gaana hai ki agar U have shonk of adivaasis, U will immediately get a tribal feel when you have listened to the 2nd stanza of this song. I can spend hours listening to this because I unwilling can relate to this song.

Coming to BEHENE DE, BEHENE DE; sachi mujhe is gaane mei behene do. Itni pyaari lyrics hai is gaane ki. Aur Jab Aishwarya slo-mo mei niche girti dikhai gayi hai woh kuch bhi nahi hai. Mast toh Abhishek lagta hai jab slide karta jaata hai samundar mei. 
Behne de ghanghor ghata behne de paani ki tarah, Saagar mein jaa girna hai behne de nadiyaa ki tarah. Isme koi shak ki baat nahi hai, Yeh lyrics Gulzaar Sahb ke alawa aur koi likh hi nahi sakta.

Thok De Killi, ki door nahi hai Chalega Dilli..// Is gaane mei jab shenahi bajti hai, maza aa jata hai. Aur Abhishek ka Tribal Dance. In this movie, if you observe Abhishek's histrionics closely You will agree with what Ram Gopal Verma had to say to Big B. Sir, aapka ladka aapse zyaada acha actor hai. Khatarnaak shehnai bajti hai is gaane mei. Khatarnaak. Is song ki choreography bilkul hatke hai.
I am very much in love with the ruthlessness of this song. The way it has been sung, makes a strong impact.

RanJha RanJha kardi..... Wont write much about this song. Mindblowing start to this song but it lacks depth and adding Hindi lyrics to this song makes this borish. What I cannot understand is this that majority of the people listen to this song but the full song is not there in the picture.
But have you listened to the Tamil version of this song. Well here is the link. I could not understand a thing but I personally I like the Tamil version more than the Hindi one. Below is the link. Copy and paste it in your address bar and enter.

Kata Kata re bachara bakra, mana mana le khair mana le, aakhri raat kunwara. Classic. What more can you expect from such a terrific start that you listen to Kanya ko bulao. And next comes, "Aye hawa pe chalti hai yeh chhori, paron se bhi halki hai re; Dahi se bhi khatti hai suna hai, dahi bhi woh kal ki hai re."
Watching the video of this song, I am immediately reminded of the viah di tiyaari in my native Punjab. And I get very sad by the thought that till this moment I thought we Punjabis are the desiest breed in our country. But India being a land of diversity throws up surprises every now and then. Awsome work, Rahman. Keep it up. And I know You will. You always have a trick in hand.

Khilli Re, I cannot listen to this song. Its girlish. Its romantic. It means nothing to me. But Aishwarya's Bharatnatyam, she can't act but she can dance, dance very well. This song shouldnt have been there in the movie. Did the Director think that fans of Aishwarya would be pleased. Well, does Aishwarya has any fans left. After her marriage to Abhishek, I feel most of her fans were poached by Katrina and Kareena.

And the covers of this album,, FANTABULOUS. I dont like collecting music in the physical form, I mean CDs. But I know a lot of people do buy CDs. Just for the covers. So what are you waiting for. Either download this or buy it. You won't repent it and you will listen, enjoy, or I would like to say refer to it for ages.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dr. House

This is what Dr. House looks like. Funny name, ain't it? But, this doctor who is staring at you is not just staring, he is scrutinizing you. He is searching you in & out and is checking each and every motion, your pulse, your breathing, all this; by just looking at you.

Gregory House, M.D., is a protagonist antihero of the American  medical drama  House. Portrayed by Hugh Laurie, the character is a medical genius, a diagnostician with specializations in infectious diseases and nephrology. He works as the Chief of Diagnostic Medicine at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, and there heads a team of diagnosticians.

The character is played by Hugh Laurie who has earned a lot of awards playing this role. Well he also got voted as the second sexiest Dr. followed by George Clooney's portrayal of Doug Ross in the popular medical drama series ER. Now that is something, Clooney cant be beaten in the department of looks.

The best thing I like about House is that he never wears a coat to his office and is dressed in the most casual manner and is seen mostly in sneakers. Way to go Doctor. He doesn't have any sympathy towards his team and is devoid of emotions. This in turn is a blessing for him. He is able to successfully diagnose the patient with the right treatment. House has years of experience and has tremendous faith in his abilities as a medical practitioner.

I wont write much because I havent managed to finsh the first season itself but would recommend this series to all of you. First of all, this is not at all boring. The animations depicting the medical illness are very easy and interesting to understand. But maybe I also have a selfish reason to let you search for the complete seasons so that I can borrow them.

On a Dr. Housey serious note, the team may seem monotonous, but since a new episode brings a new disease so I urge you to alteast give it a watch. The reason being someday or the other we will be at the mercy of the Doctors and We will have to put our ultimate trust in them to save our puny little lives.

You can learn a lot from Raavan

I had waited so long for this movie. Even the ongoing World Cup could not cheer me up. The music of this movie was ringing in my ears and I could not wait for 18th June to come so that I could finally get to see the darest character in Bollywood.

Raavan, Raavan, Raavan. What does this name strike in our minds? Just this that this name stands for Evil, this name stands for Knowledge, this name stands for lust, this name strikes terror in our hearts. This movie has picked up the age-old debate of good overpowering the Bad. By good, I mean RAM. Yet this movie is a modern day adaptation of Ramayana and since we are living in the Kalyug, Mani Ratnam, the director of this movie has presented this debate in the most lively manner. Hats Off to you, Mani Ratnam for envisioning this movie.

Ever since Bollywood got running, We are watching movies which have the following plot:
Once upon a time there is a Zero who dreams of becoming a Hero. After becoming a Hero, he wants a girl by his side. So he starts to fondle a good-looking girl in his college. Ladki itne nakhre dikhaati hai ki Ladka jab haar maane vala hota hai ki ekdum se Director Saab forces the ladki to falls in love with the Hero. Khatam Kahani. The End. Bingo. Sheer Bakwaas. Pukish.

But Raavan, this movie is meant for an intelligent audience. Because a lot of topics have been handpicked and any amateur Director would have made a Khichdi out of them, but Mani Ratnam is no Amateur. This veteran has beautifully timed all the sequences and I was left introspecting. Ask my Mom and Brother, I couldn't get up from my seat when the credits rolled out.
Lets begin with Police, We surely are gonna move on to Outlaws. Police has a moral duty to protect the nation. But in real they are pussies in the eyes of the politicians who will continue to fiddle with police. Now, Vikram is an SP who cannot withstand the mighty influence of this outlaw named Beera. So he wants to put an end to Beera.

Beera is attending his sister's marriage and in comes this Police-walla. And he manages to get a shot at Beera but Beera escapes. The marriage is ruined. Beera's sister is in police custody and they bloody rape her taking turns. This we know is true given our Indian Police's reputation. So now the question is answered as to why Ragani is abducted by Beera in the first place itself.

And the true love between Beera and Ragini has been portrayed in a mildly quiet manner. Beera gives Vikram, the cop; another chance to live because he cannot cause hurt to Ragini. And girls cannot gauge what men are thinking so Ragini goes back to Beera when she is insulted by Vikram. Beera apne sache pyaar ka izhaar karta hi hai ki SP saab apne Commandos lekar aate hai Beera ko shoot karne ka order dete hai aur kahaani khatam.

But the best learning from this movie is the fight between Elite and Poor, between Educated and Non-Educated. What you must take back home is that there is nothing good nor bad. There is a marginal difference between the two and we have a wrong perception marred by our own inner conflicts and we are comfortable in what the majority thinks best for us. But sit back and search for your true self and hold back all your fears.

Rocky Balboa says in Rocky 5 that fear is the best friend you have. Beera says that if You don't fear death, even death can't kill you.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My desi take on this World Cup

The WORLD CUP is about to kick-off tomorrow, 32 teams are participating and fighting it out amongst themselves for a month. Teams will be eliminated in the pursuit of reaching the finals until a bunch of 11 monkeys finally get hold of this golden ball.
Now I am too 'desi' and I would say WHY PUT EFFORT WHEN ALL YOU ARE WINNING IS A BALL?
  • Is it because this is a Gold Ball?
  • People will appreciate when We get hold of this ball.
  • Will definitely get clicked by Photographers.
  • The whole world will watch in awe when this ball is in our hands.
  • Some sections of our nations population is going to worship us, We can call ourselves God.. the next time We will play with a previous World Cup winner the match would be called 'Clash of the Titans' and would be a much more thrilling watch than the movie of the same name.
Forget all of the above and lets just stick to this that whenever a World Cup is Won, the winning team will get $30 million. If this money is roughly divided amongst 11 players then each would get 3 million. This is the reason England does not reach to the finals. The English players have way more than 20 millions GBP contracts with their clubs so there is a no such enthusiasm to strive hard for this golden cup.
Brazil is my favorite to win this World Cup.