Saturday, July 10, 2010

Unleashing an Animal amongst the Party People

I am going to write about my personal experience about a party which was a success and would have ended bang on until I went way out of my senses. And I am wondering why should I write about this. Because I believe nobody will learn anything from what I encountered. Because, the things I do I never hear any other people do it.
My colleagues from my previous company invited me in good faith. Some of them called me before the party and cordially asked me to come over to add zing to the entertainment. I humbly accepted the invitation and put on a good show at my arrival. I did not drink much. I did not want to. I wanted to be in my senses and enjoy the Ambience. I danced joyfully to say only 1 or 2 new tracks the DJ rolled out. focus one paragraph on the DJ. I dunno know from where my colleagues pull up a DJ who rolls out a 2 or 3 year filmi oldie and never plays new tracks. That is the reason I hate DJ's. Most of them are asses who don't have CD's of the latest songs. Since this party happened say 3 weeks ago, I was reasonable enough to ask him to play songs from Kites, Raajneeti and Raavan. Man, I would have loved dancing to the track 'Raanjha Raanjha' from Raavan, but this was not my night. Bad Luck. Have said enough on DJ who spoiled the night. I can go on and on but I would deviate from the topic at hand.

Since this is a formal party, the DJ dozes at 11:30 sharp. I go to the Bar searching drop by drop to validate my glass with 30 ml of whiskey. To avoid the greedy stares from my friends, I drink it neat in a single gulp. And then leave the rocks in the glass to be taken care of by them. Amazingly, people are still mongering on the dance floor paying devotional attention to the images potrayed on a projector. I find this way too monotonous, so I prefer to keep my eyes away. But still I am able to catch a glimpse of my Manager on the projector.

And all of a Sudden, I am all turbo charged up. For what, to crash the party and annihilate all the fun I was supposed to bring. I find a suitable bench to ascend to a balcony. There I stand, I am the only one standing alone, on the top. And in the next one briefest but my longest one minute's time, I deliver a few punches in the air and then I jump off the balcony. KHALAAS. head hits the AC ducts and I being a 5'7 hit the ducts. Shame on the venue, The Party, 34. For they in their wildest dreams did not envision that sometime in future a person named Manmeet Singh Nagra would jump from the balcony and carve a bloody dangerous cut on his forehead which if seen by J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter books would make her go gaga over me such that I would be adopted by her and be a shareholder of the enormous wealth she has collected in royalties. I wish she gets to see me sometime soon before this 'lightning scar' on my forehead fades away.

So now the blood flows from this cut as if Ganges is flowing from Lord Shiva's head to the earth. The girls present there are terrified. But some guys also start acting as girls. I take a marginal control of the situation by locking myself inside a washroom and treating this cut to water treatment. But still the blood likes to come out of the wound.

Now, the girls apply ice on my wound and feed me food and I have utmost regards for them. I was cornered and put aside from the inquisitive eyes of the others. An hour passes by since I got myself wonunded, but still the blood wont stop. My white shirt is all blood drenched. Till now, I played into the hands of my well wishers.

I am able to hear someone plot a plan to get hold of my car keys and then deliver me to a hospital and get this deep entrenched cut stitched by some late night doctor. BONKERS. STITCHES. DOCTORS. 

The moment these 3 words enter my search engine, I visualize the results they throw. A dangerously stitched demonic soul who if knocks on the door to his homely abode would be shunned by his parents just because a STITCH would be covering a 3 cm cut on his forehead. THIS WAS NOT HOW HIS PARENTS CREATED HIM. HE WAS SCARLESS AT THE TIME OF HIS CREATION. SUFFICE IT TO SAY, EXPERIENCE BRINGS WITH IT SCARS, PHYSICAL, LOTS OF OTHER TYPES OF SCARS, THESE ARE EMOTIONAL.

I ran from the party as if hell had broken loose, but with this I earned the wrath of my friends. There was not a single call from people I knew a little. And a brief phone call from people who cared for me. And of late, I have lost contact with almost all of the people at the party. THIS IS WHAT I GOT WHEN THE ANIMAL INSIDE OF ME CAME OUT AND MADE A LASTING IMPRESSION TO MY DEAR ONES.

Phew, this has been a long post and I have to bring this to an end. I am sincerely sorry to all those people who used to care about me. The animal you saw at that party was an egoistic maniac who brought disrepute to the organizers. But this is not the person MANMEET SINGH NAGRA, for whom I am writing this blog. I have replayed the whole incident again and again in my leisure time and have learned ways on controlling this behavior of mine such that this does not happen again.



  1. special thumbs up for the last three lines, ''I EXPECT...NOTHING''

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  3. what did aarti say that you removed the comments :P

    anyway dude, there are few mistakes and errors in sentence formation. you can remove that from the next time

    besides, too bad that you have to SPORT a scar now. :O.

  4. bhai, even I m a lazy douche-bag not 2 folo d comments. Aarti ne kya kaha tha? fawgot completely..
    & Its a sexy scar which I m carryn now. No regrets about d scar.