Sunday, January 9, 2011

Friends turned Foes

It is a real pain in the ass when one of your dear ones turns against you. And it happens with all of you. For the young readers, wait, watch, read on this, you will experience this at some stage.

How does this transition happen? A friend of many years becomes your enemy all of a sudden. The answer lies in a single word which has many meanings: MANIPULATION.

And the best thing about this word is that this word itself can be manipulated.

I won't talk further on this and would like you to be less deceptive and be more transparent. For sure you will lose people in the beginning but they will all come to back to you.

And this is how foes return back as (MANIPULATED) friends.

Can you count me as your friend. Think about it, twice.

Contributing for a better Cause

I have a hunch that the world we are living in can become a better place if we all contribute towards an idea.

This has to begin with education. You can read this because you are literate. Well 3/4 of the world is not. Politicians, Bankers, Industrialists & Preachers are making the most out of this by manipulating truth to the ignorant masses. It is possible to put a stop to this by informing every one amongst us and weeding out the ignorance completely.

Secondly, the evil of corruption has to be dealt with severely. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The crisis of high unemployment rates, lay-offs, over-rising debt rates and inflation has to come to an end. For this to happen, we have to reinstructuralize the organisational heirarchy and every employee has to become more accountable.

Moving forward, Religion, unfortunately, is the corrupt. So it would be appreciative if you minimize your contributions. God has enough and doesn't need money. All he needs is that your faith, and that you should have in plenty. It will certainly do you good if you divert your monetary contributions to Red Cross and the other NGO's.

I will conclude by emphasizing on EDUCATION. If the whole of the planet is learned, It would do wonders and eliminate the above mentioned hassles.



Saturday, October 9, 2010

Categorization of Friends

My best friend gave me the best advice: she said the friends you make will desert you. And she said that by just hanging out with them I am wasting my time and money. She is damn right.

And why shouldn't she be? She is after all my mom. My dear readers, I have spent a lot of time with people and every new person brings along a new experience. Now, you can hang out with a person for years and still can't call him a friend. He or she will be a acquaintance. This strata is occupied by mates from schools, colleges and universities. You cannot make friends in an educational institution.

Lets move on to the workplace. Here making enemies is easier than finding friends. The sole reason being that everyone loves to gossip and indulge in dirty politics. But if you are able to make a friend here, that generous soul will be there for you always. We wake up for jobs to earn money and survive in this rat race. So, don't go around gossiping in the office and find people whom you can trust. This is gonna help you a long way.

Ah. I don't want to write this but it is time we admit parents as our best friends. They created us so nobody else knows us in and out. And in the toughest circumstances, they are always willing to help. It sometimes becomes difficult when they adamantly don't give us youngsters more space. Well, they care for us so much that they don't want us to get into trouble and create a mess of ourselves.

Yawn. I don't know what made me write this shit but if you like it, do comment on it. Period.

God bless your reading prowess and give you more brains than me to ponder on the beauties of life.

Pay the Price to Communicate for Free

A day before yesterday I was made to write an essay on "How Technology affects our life". A complete paragraph was devoted to communication. Technology has indeed made communicating amongst ourselves a hell lot easier, convenient, cheap and entertaining.

I believe any noble soul reading this would have a social networking account on Facebook, Orkut, MySpace and Twitter. Well, I know you all have a account on Facebook because I post my blog links there. We consistently check our profiles on Facebook and update posts. Many a people comment on the thoughts you post and it makes you feel like you are being appreciated. This is the sole reason for the phenomenal success of Facebook. But the basic point is that you can make new friends and retain the old ones through social networking and it is all free of cost.

Now have you ever wondered why these sites are allowing you free access to communication. They can't charge you. Doing so would result in you shying away from these sites. I do want to talk to my friends but if I was told to pay a particular price to chat with her/him than I wouldn't do so. I would pick up my phone and punch in the numbers.

I conceptualize that we don't even have to pay for texts or calling over the phone. If the service providers can rope in the advertisers and we have listen to their shit then things may work out. The advertisers want coverage which can be given by the cell carriers and the consumers have to bear with the promotional offers. This way the advertisers will be paying our bills, and we can chat/text/update for FREE.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Words are Numbers, Numbers are words

Let’s write about an unexpected encounter with a complete stranger. The good thing is that stranger was a Jamaican. He was twice my age, and that made him pour down his wisdom to me. With time on my side, I listened patiently to that stranger. Please bear with my short-term memory; because, I will be referring to him as a stranger throughout the blog.

It all began when he asked the time. For this I have to take time to thank my mother for gifting me a watch before my departure. This gentleman asked for the time and we were a group of students waiting for the bus. We were standing just five steps away; just then, the stranger began humming a song. It was a beautiful song, and please pardon me for not recording that tune. I don’t have monies left to buy a good cell-phone. This man had an amazing voice and he was singing it so sweetly that I inched a little closer to catch all the words.

Every song comes to an end but I wish this shouldn’t. The stranger then looked towards me and said that this was not a choir song. He made this up himself; furthermore, he opened his mind so that I could digest the truth of the world. Pointing to the ground and consequently raising his finger towards the skies; he utters a simple word which in itself has all the complexities. He says, ‘Son, I have got some words to tell. You have got some numbers to work on.’

At first, I could not understand what he meant. He further adds up, “Son, my number is 51. Yours must be 24. I will tell you some words and it will take you 27 numbers to understand those words. Understanding is the key.” So now you must be scratching your brains as to what am I trying to tell. Let me explain.

All he meant was that he is 51 years of age and I am 24 years old. He has seen more life than me. He has got more words to share. All he demanded of me was to listen. But listening in itself is not more than enough. We all listen to what others have been trying to tell us. Unless and until, we don’t understand what we are listening, it makes no sense. In whatever endeavour we undertake, we have to grasp the basics. Instructors, Teachers, Bosses, Superiors and Parents will keep telling us to do this and don’t do that. This is completely wrong and out of this world. God created us to enjoy our time to the full and he will receive us with open arms whether we get the understanding or not. It is in every one of us to be passionate about understanding the nature.

Man has not created the world, yet he never ceases to impose his own will. Doing so, he is challenging the creator. After bidding his time, he has to answer back to his creator. He wont have any answers and will repent his decisions. So think carefully and understand.

Simply put, do something for the Mother Nature. She is the same in every part of the world and no nation can change that. America is the super-power of the world but it has the same soil as in Afghanistan. The technology created by us is to help us at the cost of nature. Treat every human you meet as your brethren. God doesn’t expect this from us. WELL, IT IS TIME WE SURPRISE HIM.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


                                                             Pirates of the Wireless

Hi there. It’s been a long time since the last post. Switching countries is also a cumbersome task. But fellows, I am back.
I have always desired to buy a laptop for a long time but finally I have got one that I am not so proud of. Why should I be? It is not a Mackintosh neither is it Vaio. Have you people heard of Acer? You have not. So i decided to put a big image so that you get fairly acquainted with this brand. 
Hrithik Roshan, I bet would be using a Mac. But I am not being sarcastic but he is the brand ambassador and is hence paid well to promote a bad product. If only somebody had forced me into buying Apple, things would have been different. Apple is gifting I-touch along with their laptops. So I would be busy touching the iTouch and fiddling with it to my satisfaction, but I wonder what are the ends to my satisfaction.
Now in the process of crying over my recent purchase I have wasted both mine as well as your precious time by diverting from the topic at hand. This device enables me to surf net as per my convenience. I am a man who likes to jump at every freebie thrown his way. So with my new found love for mobility I am running hitherto searching for the signals. Wish I was born a Tony Stark, the owner of Stark Enterprises, flying over the free airspace donning a suit carved out of iron. But wishes are wishes and are not as simple as cooking dishes. Even I am preparing myself for the big job at hand. 
I have a dream of opening my own restaurant serving snake food, but there aren't many takers. I would be cooking the food, injecting loads of venomous sauces in the food so that my customers are dead enough not to visit any other food chain. I am heartless, ain’t I. Only when it comes to cracking jokes.
Time to end the topic which anyways never made any sense. Come on, what made you read through the end of this. Or was I successful in making a fool out of you by keeping you somehow interested till now. The heading itself was a jest. There are still some writers left in this world who don’t make sense. They belong to a completely different genre.  Lets name their writings as idiotically nonsense as only this term could do them some justice. 
But I will seriously be starting a completely new topic. I will be maintaining a journal regarding my college life and it will have everything I have to encounter in my day to day life.
Till then Goodbye, holy souls. God Bless you all.  
Yours Comically, insanely Sapera.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

365 charittar Naar de............

Sach hai,Kuldeep 22, Sach hai.

b4 proceeding, kindly click d folowin

Kafi cher pehla raati mei shift laa ke paranthe vaale kol gaya. Othe Ik munda aaya te halki ji interaction baad, ohne dasiya ki oh Women te study kar rahiya hai. Phir 22 ne Kuldeep da eh song plain narration ch recite kita.

Mere naal da dost, osde palle gal nahi pai. Par mei fatafat catch kargaya ki eh taa Manak Ji da gaya geet hai. Phir saadi lambi discussion hoi is gaane piche. Te is gaane ch har ek line sach hai. Amazing. 

Apa kehre fast-track zamaane ch vasde ne. Kudi patai, Viah kara le, par kadi Zindagi de basics ch jaun di himmat nahi kiti. Mei taa ji Sangeet ch roochi rakhda. Kyunki Kaim sangeetkar te artist da iko maksad hunda hai: lokaan nu sochan da material provide karan da. 

WATEVA v take as discounted easy cheap shit, has a lot going behind it. Its just that we need to not only our eyes and ears open, We need to align our heart, mind and most important of all our soul into this world. And doing this, the question mark on our existence will fade into oblivion.


This is a going to bore you. Completely, And why not? I am writing on something which would have been so damn easy If only I would have talked with you. But God gave You and me 24 hours so that I cant talk to you but can use this repressing medium to communicate.

I can write I am watching this & that movie. If you haven't watched it, you may say so what? Or you may ask, is it good? Is it worth watching? And you will be dependent on information. Go for a movie only If your heart is into it. Don't rely on critics or ratings.or for that matter the shitty word of mouth you come across Facebook on fridays.

Now I have to pin-point the intrusion of Facebook in our everyday lives. We as humans have got supercomputing thinking abilities. At a single second, our vibrant mind is already processing numerous thoughts. And we are very dumb to express these thoughts on Facebook. Unknowingly, we are exposing our innermost secrets to all and taking consolation in the fact that we have expressed amongst our friends. THINK AGAIN. Do you think the people you keep on adding just to increase your network can be counted as friends? Can they understand your feelings or emotions?

And now I am coming to face-to-face communication which we do everyday. This is the easiest and the most basic method of communication. We are most comfortable when talking to parents or siblings or close friends cause they are in immediate and day-to-day contacts. But why do we hesitate to contact a stranger whom we have laid eyes on for the first time? Why do we hesitate to propose to the girls? Are we afraid that a being of such immense beauty will be lost if we propose carelessly?

I for my part have shed my inhibitions and can communicate easily across all strata of the society. And I at the moment am living a very care-free, tension-less life because whenever I communicate I am genuine, transparent, casual and most important of all, I AM MYSELF.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Unleashing an Animal amongst the Party People

I am going to write about my personal experience about a party which was a success and would have ended bang on until I went way out of my senses. And I am wondering why should I write about this. Because I believe nobody will learn anything from what I encountered. Because, the things I do I never hear any other people do it.
My colleagues from my previous company invited me in good faith. Some of them called me before the party and cordially asked me to come over to add zing to the entertainment. I humbly accepted the invitation and put on a good show at my arrival. I did not drink much. I did not want to. I wanted to be in my senses and enjoy the Ambience. I danced joyfully to say only 1 or 2 new tracks the DJ rolled out. focus one paragraph on the DJ. I dunno know from where my colleagues pull up a DJ who rolls out a 2 or 3 year filmi oldie and never plays new tracks. That is the reason I hate DJ's. Most of them are asses who don't have CD's of the latest songs. Since this party happened say 3 weeks ago, I was reasonable enough to ask him to play songs from Kites, Raajneeti and Raavan. Man, I would have loved dancing to the track 'Raanjha Raanjha' from Raavan, but this was not my night. Bad Luck. Have said enough on DJ who spoiled the night. I can go on and on but I would deviate from the topic at hand.

Since this is a formal party, the DJ dozes at 11:30 sharp. I go to the Bar searching drop by drop to validate my glass with 30 ml of whiskey. To avoid the greedy stares from my friends, I drink it neat in a single gulp. And then leave the rocks in the glass to be taken care of by them. Amazingly, people are still mongering on the dance floor paying devotional attention to the images potrayed on a projector. I find this way too monotonous, so I prefer to keep my eyes away. But still I am able to catch a glimpse of my Manager on the projector.

And all of a Sudden, I am all turbo charged up. For what, to crash the party and annihilate all the fun I was supposed to bring. I find a suitable bench to ascend to a balcony. There I stand, I am the only one standing alone, on the top. And in the next one briefest but my longest one minute's time, I deliver a few punches in the air and then I jump off the balcony. KHALAAS. head hits the AC ducts and I being a 5'7 hit the ducts. Shame on the venue, The Party, 34. For they in their wildest dreams did not envision that sometime in future a person named Manmeet Singh Nagra would jump from the balcony and carve a bloody dangerous cut on his forehead which if seen by J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter books would make her go gaga over me such that I would be adopted by her and be a shareholder of the enormous wealth she has collected in royalties. I wish she gets to see me sometime soon before this 'lightning scar' on my forehead fades away.

So now the blood flows from this cut as if Ganges is flowing from Lord Shiva's head to the earth. The girls present there are terrified. But some guys also start acting as girls. I take a marginal control of the situation by locking myself inside a washroom and treating this cut to water treatment. But still the blood likes to come out of the wound.

Now, the girls apply ice on my wound and feed me food and I have utmost regards for them. I was cornered and put aside from the inquisitive eyes of the others. An hour passes by since I got myself wonunded, but still the blood wont stop. My white shirt is all blood drenched. Till now, I played into the hands of my well wishers.

I am able to hear someone plot a plan to get hold of my car keys and then deliver me to a hospital and get this deep entrenched cut stitched by some late night doctor. BONKERS. STITCHES. DOCTORS. 

The moment these 3 words enter my search engine, I visualize the results they throw. A dangerously stitched demonic soul who if knocks on the door to his homely abode would be shunned by his parents just because a STITCH would be covering a 3 cm cut on his forehead. THIS WAS NOT HOW HIS PARENTS CREATED HIM. HE WAS SCARLESS AT THE TIME OF HIS CREATION. SUFFICE IT TO SAY, EXPERIENCE BRINGS WITH IT SCARS, PHYSICAL, LOTS OF OTHER TYPES OF SCARS, THESE ARE EMOTIONAL.

I ran from the party as if hell had broken loose, but with this I earned the wrath of my friends. There was not a single call from people I knew a little. And a brief phone call from people who cared for me. And of late, I have lost contact with almost all of the people at the party. THIS IS WHAT I GOT WHEN THE ANIMAL INSIDE OF ME CAME OUT AND MADE A LASTING IMPRESSION TO MY DEAR ONES.

Phew, this has been a long post and I have to bring this to an end. I am sincerely sorry to all those people who used to care about me. The animal you saw at that party was an egoistic maniac who brought disrepute to the organizers. But this is not the person MANMEET SINGH NAGRA, for whom I am writing this blog. I have replayed the whole incident again and again in my leisure time and have learned ways on controlling this behavior of mine such that this does not happen again.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Mirza-Sahiba vs Chamkila

Tere veeraan di aisi taisi, tu 1 vaar yaar nu keh sahi
Tere veeraan di aisi taisi, tu 1 vaar yaar nu keh sahi
Theekha kita paiya gandaasa, hun taa houga eko paasa
Theekha kita paiya gandaasa, hun taa houga eko paasa 
O saale bhootni de
O panga paan nu firde ne landar bhootni de, 
O panga paan nu firde ne landar bhootni de,

yaaron, eh lines koi genious hi likh sakda hai. Haanji, Chamkila ne Aaj Raj ke pee liye Daaru vala gaana mukaande eh kahiya c.

Now, I will recap on what happened regarding Mirza-Sahiba. Mirza was resting under the shade of the tree waiting for the love of his life, Sahiba. Sahiba knowing well that Mirza being an expert archer would kill all her brothers, so she breaks all his arrows. Mirza is rendered defenseless, the brothers kill him. End of one of the most classic love stories Punjab has ever known. Sahiba being a girl trusted her brothers, so she kills herself with a dagger.
                                             Ki Khatiya ve meri Heer banke?

Chamkila was always a troubled genius, but he was a genius at his best. Through his music he has won many loyal hearts, including mine. But the majority of the Junta despises his music. But can you see the guts of this individual?
Chamkila was not born a Jat, but he had the makings of the complete Jat. I completely agree with these lines. Had I been the Mirza I would have killed all the brothers and my Sahiba wouldn't have to die.

The reason I have written this blog is that even in this age, I see the girls, they still are dumb. So if you have girlfriends who have real brothers be on your guards. Open your eyes, Pull up your socks and if the brothers point their finger at you, just sing the above. You soul-mates will be at peace, Chamkila will be content in Heaven.
And I would be more than happy realizing that this blog was not posted in vain.