Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This is a going to bore you. Completely, And why not? I am writing on something which would have been so damn easy If only I would have talked with you. But God gave You and me 24 hours so that I cant talk to you but can use this repressing medium to communicate.

I can write I am watching this & that movie. If you haven't watched it, you may say so what? Or you may ask, is it good? Is it worth watching? And you will be dependent on information. Go for a movie only If your heart is into it. Don't rely on critics or ratings.or for that matter the shitty word of mouth you come across Facebook on fridays.

Now I have to pin-point the intrusion of Facebook in our everyday lives. We as humans have got supercomputing thinking abilities. At a single second, our vibrant mind is already processing numerous thoughts. And we are very dumb to express these thoughts on Facebook. Unknowingly, we are exposing our innermost secrets to all and taking consolation in the fact that we have expressed amongst our friends. THINK AGAIN. Do you think the people you keep on adding just to increase your network can be counted as friends? Can they understand your feelings or emotions?

And now I am coming to face-to-face communication which we do everyday. This is the easiest and the most basic method of communication. We are most comfortable when talking to parents or siblings or close friends cause they are in immediate and day-to-day contacts. But why do we hesitate to contact a stranger whom we have laid eyes on for the first time? Why do we hesitate to propose to the girls? Are we afraid that a being of such immense beauty will be lost if we propose carelessly?

I for my part have shed my inhibitions and can communicate easily across all strata of the society. And I at the moment am living a very care-free, tension-less life because whenever I communicate I am genuine, transparent, casual and most important of all, I AM MYSELF.

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