Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pay the Price to Communicate for Free

A day before yesterday I was made to write an essay on "How Technology affects our life". A complete paragraph was devoted to communication. Technology has indeed made communicating amongst ourselves a hell lot easier, convenient, cheap and entertaining.

I believe any noble soul reading this would have a social networking account on Facebook, Orkut, MySpace and Twitter. Well, I know you all have a account on Facebook because I post my blog links there. We consistently check our profiles on Facebook and update posts. Many a people comment on the thoughts you post and it makes you feel like you are being appreciated. This is the sole reason for the phenomenal success of Facebook. But the basic point is that you can make new friends and retain the old ones through social networking and it is all free of cost.

Now have you ever wondered why these sites are allowing you free access to communication. They can't charge you. Doing so would result in you shying away from these sites. I do want to talk to my friends but if I was told to pay a particular price to chat with her/him than I wouldn't do so. I would pick up my phone and punch in the numbers.

I conceptualize that we don't even have to pay for texts or calling over the phone. If the service providers can rope in the advertisers and we have listen to their shit then things may work out. The advertisers want coverage which can be given by the cell carriers and the consumers have to bear with the promotional offers. This way the advertisers will be paying our bills, and we can chat/text/update for FREE.

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